Exclusive Training for nutritionists, personal trainers, and health coaches who work with weight loss clients

Impact more lives by learning the psychology of overcoming unhealthy eating behaviors and patterns for a non-diet approach to weight loss

The Diet Terminator education program is a step-by-step, CEC approved, program that plugs into your business and gets to the heart of the dieting issue by eliminating the reasons your clients turn to food in excess to begin with.


It’s a comprehensive program that will guide your clients out of the patterns of overeating and bring them into real, long-term weight loss.  Once new and healthy patterns with food are created, keeping the weight off is EASY.


Overeating and unhealthy eating behaviors

Helping your clients overcome the diet rollercoaster and unhealthy eating patterns is truly one of the most important aspects in helping clients reach and maintain their ideal body weight today and can be a huge revenue producer for nutrition, fitness, and wellness professionals!


11 Unhealthy eating behaviors

Understand eating behaviors and how habits feed them. Learn to guide your clients to break free from these patterns.


Weight loss without the diet mentality

Learn how yo-yo diet cycles start and why putting clients on another diet or meal plan may be keeping them from achieving and sustaining their goals.


Self-esteem and fulfilled lives

Provide a habit based program and help your clients break free from old habits.  They will be less likely turn to food to soothe their stress and emotions.


Effective coaching tips

Understand personality traits that can lead to overeating. Learn specific nutrition techniques that work best for those who are stuck in overeating patterns.


Implement the program

Learn how to implement the program into your business so you can better serve your clients with sustainable results.  Offer a non-diet approach to weight loss specialty and earn higher income. 

Live (via Zoom) Course

Register for the next live 8-week LIVE course via Zoom video conferencing and increase your learning.  

​Calls will be held on Tuesday from 11:30 to 12:30 CST

* length of calls may vary, please allow 1 1/2 hours in your schedule


Course Dates: May 12, 2020 through June 30, 2020
CEC Approved for 7 hours total 
Course materials included.

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